Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We are based in the heartlands of Rajasthan, its Capital City in Jaipur. This is where the magic happens!

Can I customise an order?

Yes, you sure can. We believe that everyone is an artist in their own way. At Gulab Jaipur, you can customise your own apparel and make it how you like it. Don't worry if you cant customise, just connect with us we will happily do it for you!

What is the process of customised orders?

We've tried keeping it simple, for you and for us! We at Gulab Jaipur, adore customisations, as they help us in thinking out of the box. Follow these 3 simple steps and that's litterally it! 1. Search for a style you like, it can be an online search, or from our website 2. Head over to the fabric section, under Clothing to find a wide variety of fabrics. Choose the one that appeals you the most. 3. You can chat with us on the website, by clicking the chat button, or head over to our Instagram @gulabjaipur and chat with us on our DM. (We're really quick in replying) Or simply open your whatsapp and chat with us on +91 9024176654

Do you take international orders?

Absolutely YES! DM us to know more and we will ship your favourite product to any corner of this world!

How are international shipping charges calculated?

We take the total number of items, calculate shipping rates through three shipping partners, .i.e. Indian Speed Post, DHL and UPS. All three quotes will be given to you along with the time taken for the shipment to reach. You can let us know which would be suitable to you and we'd gladly ship it. We'd like you to chat with us on Whatsapp on +91 90241 76654.

Do you take wholesale orders?

We do take bulk and wholesale orders, mainly for our apparel. We can make any style as per your liking and have the resources to fulfill bulk orders.

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