Save our planet, we don't have a backup!

Only if we could have the option of ordering another planet online or maybe jet setting and moving to a new one, I wouldn't probably be blabbering about zero-waste and say no to plastic. I believe that we as inhabitants of Earth should give back the planet something. We use all of its resources relentlessly, yet when it's time for us to give back, we don't give a damn, why?

Well, if the above reason did not resonate with you, I have another one. Forget money, lands, homes, horses or your mother's jewellery, what exactly is giving your child, the day he/she is born? The house, horse, helicopter, doesn't make sense to the child, all they want is a safe environment with oxygen and food. That's all really. If not for yourself, then at least for your offspring and generations to come, leave them a sage habitat, a cleaner and greener environment. 

Still, not convinced? Nobody predicted covid-19, it just crippled the world and our fast-paced lifestyle. Doctors, policemen, paramedics, so many have lost their lives. What do you think will happen once our glaciers melt due to climate change? What do you think will happen with the ecological impact of plastic polluting our lands and waters? 

We are clearly heading for another disaster, sooner or later. So can't we take conscious steps, little ones, one at a time and be the change, for a change. I know many around me who smoke, family, friends and neighbours, though they are your lungs, and I absolutely respect your choice to damage them. My problem is I don't respect you for destroying my planet. It takes 11 minutes to smoke a cigarette, but do you know it can take up to 10 years for them to decompose. Obviously, they aren't made of plants, so their degradation causes harm to the lands and water bodies as well as any organisms that come in contact with it. This is just the environment, by the way, smoking has some interesting facts causing more trouble.

So well done, while you're damaging your lungs, you're damaging my planet and somewhere it'll damage my offsprings or my lungs too. 

Another great friend and a silent killer is plastic. I don't think I need to justify how bad is plastic, but I want the readers to ask themselves what is that one thing they can do to keep plastic at bay? Just one.

-Using cloth bags, instead of plastic bags seems something doable. For every ready to wear apparel purchase on Gulab, we provide you with complimentary cloth bags.

-Changing your beloved toothbrush brand and switching to bamboo-based ones

-Say no to plastic cutlery, keep bamboo or paper ones. Ask your favourite food delivery restaurant to adopt this

-There is an alternative to everything, shampoos, deodorants, soaps, all products. Explore them, and make a switch.

-We have so many plastic water bottles, soft drink bottles at home, kept idle, let put our youtube skills to the test and make DIY planters using them

These are baby steps but believe me, they will walk you in the correct direction of going zero-waste. 

Moving on, I am guessing you now have an idea how much time and effort would have gone in my quest for plastic-free packaging. I remember there was a point where my mother and best friend said, what's the point of spending so much time to find plastic-free packaging for your brand, why can't you use the generic shipping bags which everyone out there is using?

But I was adamant, to find out something which solved my purpose. A water-resistant shipping bag, which can be biodegradable and environment friendly, was my requirement. While I found myself struggling with terms like bio-plastic and compostable, I was clear that my brand will not be just another plastic product.

I used to Google for hours for biodegradable bags in India, searching Youtube, going through all #plasticfreepackaging hashtags posts on Instagram and after struggling for two weeks, I came across Helplast. It is a Pune based firm and they have been a God sent. They make many environmentally friendly products and one of them being shipping bags. They are just any other looking shipping bag but they break down in our environment and are completely safe, and water-resistant. Believe me, it was a dream come true. So every time when I come across e-commerce sellers, I make it a point to connect them to Helplast

Many of you might think, why I didn't opt for corrugated boxes, since they could have been another option. Besides them being cost-intensive and me being a small (I mean tiny) business, the boxes were to have a lamination on the inner side to make them water-resistant. Lamination is nothing but plastic and thus, I didn't opt for such boxes. My thank you cards are plain paper cards, and while they lack the laminate finish, I feel happy looking at them.

This was it, folks, I hope this inspires you. Whether you're operating in the e-commerce space or not, making simple lifestyle changes can help save the planet. We only have one, so my apologies to everyone who think I came on a bit strong, it's just that this is something I am passionate about! 

One little change at a time!



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