In light of current situations, shipping times may take longer than usual. Even more in case of Cash on Delivery items.

Our Return & Exchange Policy

We all have been in those situations where M size from one brand fits but the same size M from another brand doesn’t fit us. Ever wondered why it happens? 

Wait, are you expecting an answer from us? No, we don’t have an answer for that, that is why we have our refund, return & exchange (RR&E) policy for you. (In case you have the answer to the above question you can write it to us here)

Our RR&E policy has been made keeping two things in mind, Mother Earth and our Dear Customers. Being an environmentally-conscious brand, we highly discourage the process of returns and exchanges. But having said that we understand the importance of it from a customer’s point of view. Therefore, we urge all customers to carefully go through the policy before placing an order.


Defective Item

Every item goes through our standard quality check before being packed. For packaging purpose, we use three layers of protection (that too environment-friendly protection) to keep the product intact as it reaches you. But anything is possible and therefore in case you receive a defective product, please write to us within 48 hours, along with the pictorial evidence of the defect, after receiving the product. If there is a genuine mistake on our part or our shipping partner’s part we will have no hesitation of replacing the product at no additional cost and in case the replacement is not possible we will issue the full refund. 


Exchange / Return / Refund / Cancellation 

For Readymade Clothes and Juttis

The reason few people hate online shopping is they don’t understand the sizing thing. But hey! we got it covered for you with an elaborate sizing chart and a detailed description of the fit from our end. Still, once you receive the order and there is a size-related issue, where you ordered a size and a different size came to your doorstep, feel free to drop us a mail within 48 hours of receiving the product and we will be happy to exchange the product with the size of your choice. Reverse pickup will be arranged by us in this case. In case the requisite size is not available we will issue a credit note against which you can make a purchase on our website within 30 days of issuance of such note.

In case you want to return the product for reasons other than sizing and defective material, please drop us a mail within 48 hours of receiving the product. Once approved by us, you will have to courier the product to our address. The day we will receive the product we will issue a credit note which can be used to make a purchase on our website within 30 days of issuance of such note.

Please note: Do not take our exchange policy as a try-on service. We reserve the right of deducting the reverse shipping amount from the credit note if we come across people misusing our exchange policy. 

Flaws in your print

We make handmade apparels which don't use machines at any given stage in the making of the fabric. In hand block print fabrics, there are irregularities with regards to motifs, printing, and the base color. These imperfections are what make this age-old craft, unique and mesmerizing. Our fabrics are pure cotton. If the fabric feels stiff on your skin, it is because our printers have washed it with starch and ironed it to give it a finished look. However, the stiffness will disappear in one or two wash in cold water. 

Natural-dyed colors might bleed during the first few washes or rub against the skin & other light-colored garments. In the artful process of hand block-printing, embroidery work, and stitching, variations are likely to come into existence. These irregularities are the hallmark of all handmade products and give each style a unique identity.

Like most brands, our products are photographed professionally under controlled lighting. Colors tend to be perceived differently depending on factors such as shot angles, lighting, background tones, and color temperatures. As a result, prints and colors may vary between 10% -12%. Nevertheless, we strive to match the tones as close to the original product colors as possible.

For Other Products

Refunds / Returns / Exchanges for products other than Readymade Garments and Jutis won’t be entertained.